Our experienced team designs science programmes with sensitivity and responsibility and takes under consideration the attitudes, needs, knowledge backgrounds and interests of the audiences, creating customised and exciting projects.

For projects exclusively based on drama techniques please see here.



In a few words: The science show Time-capsule is an exciting answer hunt, a time through travel, in the company of famous scientists, a forgotten water-clock, Salvador Dali and three galaxies.  The science ever after team travels from London and Berlin  to present the show.  Time-capsule (Zeitkapsel) is aimed at students aged 9-12. Duration 45’.   The story of Time-capsule… Filippa … Continue reading Time-capsule

Sea: the science!

Sea: the science is an educational project that combines fun experiments and facts, games and activities about the seas and oceans of our Earth. Have you thought why the sea is blue and salty? Do you know why we feel revitalised when we breathe fresh air by the sea?  In Sea: the science project we … Continue reading Sea: the science!

The Science Atelier

What does a chemist want in an artist’s atelier? Watercolors, pastels and oils, pencils and markers, colorful pallets, brushes of all kinds, canvases and papers… Cool, but that sounds no science at all, right? No. In this workshop we become artists and scientists ourselves. Cool… but at the same time? Yes. We hack artists’ tools … Continue reading The Science Atelier

The Language of Chemistry

Do you speak Chemistry? Listening to two chemists talking to each other might sound Greek to you. Well, chemistry has its own Alphabet, the “Periodic Table of Elements.” Every single element in this table -like with the letters – can form “words.” Chemical words. And then…”sentences”. And then… a whole paragraph or a novel, a … Continue reading The Language of Chemistry