A few days ago, Eva, Filippa and Stella met in Athens in order to create a promo video for the team and the science show Timecapsule. It was a sunny day (almost felt like summer) and it did go really well. Stay tuned for the final cut people!

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We do love Festivals

Why is sea blue and salty? And what is the Great Pacific garbage patch anyway? In “Sea: the science” we will answer these questions, experiment with icebergs, paint colorful underwater creatures with salt and more!

Sea: the science is an educational project that combines fun experiments and facts, games and activities about the seas and oceans of our Earth.

On June 27th, as part of the “Festival of Young Arts”, a special section of the “48 Stunden Neukölln” art-festival.

Meer die Wissenschaft (4)

Science ever after is Conferenc…ing

This May, Filippa will be presenting the outcomes of her research on time in 9th Hellenic Conference of Teaching Sciences & Technology in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Filippa spent lots of time during her Master, studying Deep Time. Deep Time refers to big scales of time, that Geologists use to describe phenomena that constantly change our Earth.

For the first time, primary research was conducted for Greece, with the goal to pinpoint students’ misconceptions and existing knowledge in Deep Time, geological phenomena and changes of the Earth. Alike to other countries worldwide, 15 year old students in Greece seem to encounter specific difficulties when they have to describe geological phenomena using Deep Time. That did not surprise us at all. What did surprise us, was that students rationalize and reason the Earth’s changes through time with human activities.

We are looking forward to meeting colleagues and learn more about the research in teaching Sciences.


photo from WHAT THE DINOSAURS DID LAST NIGHT book & project

Time-capsule project is based on the outcomes of this research. Find more information for the project here.