In a few words:

The science show Time-capsule is an exciting answer hunt, a time through travel, in the company of famous scientists, a forgotten water-clock, Salvador Dali and three galaxies.  The science ever after team travels from London and Berlin  to present the show.  Time-capsule (Zeitkapselis aimed at students aged 9-12. Duration 45’.

time capsule_engl


The story of Time-capsule…

Filippa studied time for her Master in Science. For her thesis, she conducted bespoke primary research based on a survey of 15-year old students in Greece and recent bibliography. The outcome underlined students’ misconceptions and existing knowledge. The results also pinpointed the obstacles children encounter when they use Deep Time notions or when they talk or learn about time. Adults also often do not feel confident when using the different measures of time, especially when shifting between different temporal periods .

Working as a team, Eva and Filippa studied further about time and designed Time-capsule. The show puts together this information and triggers the audience’ s curiosity about time.


You! What do you think you know about time?  Do you know all the answers? We would like to hear what you would like to learn about time!