Greece Coordinator

Stella is always committed in improving public awareness of various scientific fields, Stella is responsible for the team’s events running in Greece.

Stella is a Biologist and holds a master’s degree in Basic and Applied Cognitive Science. She is also an active member of the Multisensory and Temporal processing lab of National University of Athens.

Having started as a volunteer in environmental education, she now has a strong background in organization and implementation of environmental educational projects on the behalf of Hellenic Ornithological Society (NGO), as an associate, since 2010. She has also been part of the team that was responsible for the demonstration of perceptual illusions on behalf of the National University of Athens during the 1st Athens Science Festival. She has coordinated many interactive school workshops and school festivals regarding environmental education throughout Greece.
She is a nature lover so the ideal workplace for her would be an installation in a forest where people would visit and she could raise public awareness of science through interactive projects. Stella loves swimming and meeting ‘new’ sea creatures using her diving mask.