Founder, UK & US Director

Filippa co-designs the programmes infusing them with drama techniques and drama & education guidelines. She is also responsible for the educational content and pedagogical standards of the projects.

Filippa studied Geology & Environment, Drama & Education and has a Master of Science in Natural Sciences in Education. Over the last 15 years Filippa has designed and has participated in several educational programmes, has taught Science and Maths to Primary, Secondary and College students, has trained educators in drama techniques and has given several speeches and workshops on how science educators can use drama as a tool in their classrooms.

Filippa’s point of view is focusing on self-responsible-learners. She believes that we have to show learners how to learn, how to stand critical towards any information and how to take their responsibility of their own unique learning process.

Filippa loves chocolate and can’t choose whether to watch one more Big Bang Theory episode or to go to a vintage flea market and buy stuff she doesn’t need.

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