Founder & Germany Director

Eva is for the scientific content. She is the geeky mind behind the projects. She finds the answers to all the scientific questions and she is responsible for the fascinating experiments the team is presenting.

Eva has mastered the chemistry of materials used in architectural conservation and then she PhDed the architecture of nanomaterials. And liquid crystals. And yes, it has been as cool as it sounds! She has worked in Demokritos research centre in Athens as a nanochemist and she also travelled to Ljubljana, Slovenia to do experiments at Josef Stefan Research Institute.

Eva very soon realised that people around her were afraid of chemistry and could die of boredom even in the hearing of the word “chemistry”. ‘If chemistry is amazing, how can this be?’, she wondered. Apart from the obvious bad-science-teacher answer, she found another one, literally lost in translation: The language of chemistry is like a foreign language. And it’s not possible to like something you do not understand. That’s when she decided to become a ‘science translator’, to reveal the beauty of chemistry and other sciences to people who didn’t talk their language.

Eva has characterised a lot of materials. If the materials could characterise her, they would find she is very patient and very happy when she can smell the sea. To this date, she can’t decide if she prefers to be cylon or human in Battlestar Galactica.