science through DRAMA tales (KS1 & KS2)

Science through DRAMA tales is a fresh and fun after school programme that helps students explore themselves and understand how they learn.

As a programme, Science through DRAMA tales takes tales and topics from a variety of students’ textbooks (from literature to geology) of the national curriculum whilst adding a little bit of something that children need.
Imagination. Creativity. Fun.

Science through DRAMA tales is based on academic outcomes on cognitive science. How do we learn? How can we be more effective and responsible when it comes to knowledge? Role playing, interactive activities, problem solving stories, puzzles, storytelling, painting etc. are some of our tools that help students give their own answers to these questions.

Using specific steps each time and in every session, students eventually observe how they behave towards learning, how they learn as individuals. In a a safe and fun environment students express themselves and interact with each other, get involved and participate in Science through DRAMA tales.

The aim of the programme is to help students feel more confident and responsible towards their learning process whilst they do have fun.

Science through DRAMA tales is based on our teaching experience, academic studies and love for teaching. Join our Science through DRAMA tales after school programme and give your students the opportunity to experience a fun, fresh and effective project!

 You may download Science through DRAMA tales brochure here: DRAMA tales